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New York

CRISSCROSS Intimates - Luxe Intimate Apparel for Women and Men.

Post-surgical undergarments for any Stage or Phase of Breast Surgery. Comfortable, chic and colorful compression undergarments.

Collection: Post-Surgical Bras, Prosthesis Bra, Briefs, Thongs, Leggings, Compression Sleeves, Sleecrets, Pouch, Men's Vests and other Accessories and Inspirational Products.

[Leggings and Prosthesis by Anita and Men’s Shapewear by Leonisa not for resale, consumers only].

Shop CRISSCROSS Intimates - your Breast kept secret!

Welcome to CRISSCROSS - learn more about our brand

Welcome to CRISSCROSS - learn more about our brand and why it's so special for survivors and any patient who undergoes breast surgery of any type. Providing Revolutionary designs, Emerging textiles, and an Intimate experience - made by a Survivor in the USA (NYC)!  

The brand has recently received 3 accreditation ISO awards, 1 honoree awards and bras are insurance reimburseable - all the breast!  Shop CRISSCROSS today!

Why CRISSCROSS? Feel Confident, Look Beautiful or Handsome!

LUXE Intimate Apparel for Women & Men

Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary!


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1. ISO 9001:2015 -- Quality Management Systems (QMS)

2. ISO 13485 – QMS for Design and Manufacturing Related to Medical Devices Industry

3. CWOB 9009: 2013 (ABAC) – Company Women Owned Business

4 . FABC -- Fight Against Breast Cancer, First Company Honary Award Certificate

Insurance-Provider Reimbursable L8000 & L8015 Mastectomy Bras & Forms, USPTO Utility-Patented Designs and Other Design Patents fall under the CRISSCROSS trademark since 2012. Ask Jean about the collection.

Featured below: Crisscross receiving ISO awards at CURVExpo Lingerie & Swimwear Expo in NYC/Javits Center (Aug. 17).


CRISSCROSS manufacturers Luxury Intimate Apparel using Revolutionary Designs, Emerging Textiles and Innovative Construction for any stage or phase of post-operative surgeries including single or bi-lateral lumpectomy, mastectomy, augmentation or reconstructive surgeries for women and men. USPTO utility-patent approved designs made for anyone, especially Breast Cancer Survivors and designed by Survivor, Jean Criss, with extensive media and high-tech experience. The Crisscross Collection offers chic, colorful, comfortable compression Post-op Bras, Prosthesis Pocket Bra, new activewear sports Bras, matching Panties, Leggings, and other Women’s Accessories. For Men, they offer Compression Vests, Tanks and Shapewear. Educational products of Inspiration are also available.

Crisscross has participated in many other Intimate Apparel and Breast Cancer Exhibitions as key Sponsor.

While there are various undergarments on the market today sold as "Mastectomy" Bras, what I found over the years thru research, blogging and talking with other Survivors is that many garments are called that but do not offer sufficient support for the needs of post-op Breast Cancer Survivors at large.  The CRISSCROSS™ brand captures the elements of any stage or phase post-surgery; single to bi-lateral lumpectomy, mastectomy, augmentation or reconstructive surgeries for women or men, and other post-surgical breast surgeries such as Gynecomastia surgery for men. Designed and founded by Jean Criss, Breast Cancer Survivor, former Susan G. Komen Board of Trustee, and now, accredited Bra-Fitter. 

Drawing upon her vast experience in media and technology, she strategized about ease of use, longevity and transitional undergarments to wear during post-recovery, healing factors that would aid in the process.  Over the past few years, she designed and developed specific undergarments to address patient's needs and garments that could be worn after surgery.  This luxurious collection of bras, panties, leggings, accessories, men's vests, educational and products of inspiration were created.  Today we have over 9 Crisscross Bra styles, 10 panties in 2 styles offering 10 rich colors, plus a variety of other activewear Bras, accessories and Men’s products totaling well over 350 SKUs of utility and design patent published products since our launch in April 2017, with many more styles yet to be introduced.

You don't need to be a breast cancer survivor to wear the CRISSCROSS Collection - it is made for women and men in need of compression undergarments for any type of post-operative surgery. Wear comfortable bras and panties, mix and match your ensembles.  We have a selection for those who don't want traditional underwear. And if you are a Survivor, why not have luxurious undergarments that fit the bill whether at home or while in the workplace, be discrete in  your undergarments, especially designed for any occasion - be trendy and feel good about yourself while you recover in style! That's what I wanted and here’s a few key breast kept secrets you will find with CRISSCROSS brand.  

  • Elegant, sophisticated collection offering comfort and style

  • Using magnets, advanced technology and emerging textiles

  • Light-weight compression fabrics

  • Washable, wicking and energizing

  • Soft delicate and bold contemporary colors

  • Trendy chic revolutionary designs

  • Intimate Experience for Women and Men

  • Bras (and Vests) hold medical drains near breasts, are insurance reimburseable and fit extremely well.

My ultimate goal while designing was to have survivors Feel Confident and Look Beautiful (or Handsome) the very first moment you wake up from the OR room. I thought about the entire Intimate Experience a Patient or Survivor goes thru Day 1 and beyond, past Day 180+, when you are well on your way healing post-recovery.  If you don't want anyone to know you had surgery, you can feel discrete and comfortable wearing CRISSCROSS undergarments, especially designed to be chic and unrevealing for the working professional. CRISSCROSS Intimates is your BREAST kept secret!

  • The Nina Bra provides proper compression post-surgically for single or bi-lateral lumpectomy or mastectomy patients or those who endure other forms of augmentative or reconstructive surgeries.

  • The Grace Bra is for Plus size women, designed like The Nina Bra, with custom sizes available.

  • The Christina Bra is a Pocket Prosthesis Bra that supports standard size enhancers on either side breast and offers similar luxury elements as the Nina Bra.

  • Other Intimates to be introduced include camisoles, sports bra, binders, medical scrubs, hospital gowns,and other post-op undergarments that provide support throughout all stages of breast cancer and recovery for patients and their caregivers. Additional funding is required. The Josie Bra is the next style to be designed for non-Survivors - a similar comfortable bra without the post-surgical features.

  • Our Venus Briefs and Violet Thongs are available in bright bold colors to mix and match with your CRISSCROSS Bras

  • Leggings, Compression Sleeves, Mesh Tops, Scarves are also available to complement your Bra ensemble made with soft fabulous fabrics

  • All Bras offer easy one-piece criss-cross access designs - no overhead arm usage post-surgery

  • Convenient removable snap loops hold drainage tubes providing comfort at your side just where you need it the most post-recovery rather than being uncomfortable with heavy tubes pulling at your skin and breast area

  • Alternatively, a CRISSCROSS Pouch provides optional use for the drainage tubes inside or outside garments

  • High comfort and style in a variety of rich colors and designs to choose from so you can feel good and look fashionable to lift your spirits for best breast health and wellness

  • Survivors should feel confident and look fabulous in any CRISSCROSS undergarment!

The Nina Bra, being introduced on Nina's former birthday (April 19th!), is the first bra designed in memory of Jean's Aunt Nina who died tragically after ten long years surviving Stage IV malignant Breast Cancer.  "Nina meant so much to our family."  The second, The Grace Bra for Plus-size women offers grace and style for fuller breasted women.  The third, The Christina Bra designed in memory of a dear friend and colleague.  During our breast recoveries, Christina and I spent many wonderful days traveling, socializing and penning our breast cancer stories by the poolside in LA, South Beach and dining in New York.  We attended black-tie Gala events and gave back to our favorite charities. I have very fond memories of my last days with Christina and am proud to introduce a sexy, intimate Prosthesis Pocket Bra in memory of her legacy.

After enduring cancer, Survivors want to 'live life to its fullest'.  My Dad taught me that a long time ago before my breast cancer and now, ever since then, you just never know when cancer may return. So the word "Survivor" has much more meaning to me since I started off with a bi-lateral lumpectomy and transitioned to bi-lateral mastectomy.  I knew what Survivors needed most because I went through more than what most Survivors experience. Each undergarment has been designed with my Intimate Experience and your feedback from sister survivors and physicians along the way. Thank you for your confidence in the brand.

  • Discrete undergarments for the man on the go!

  • No more ace-bandages and gauze wraps post-surgery

  • Wear an attractive compression vest providing the support you need

  • Vest supports drainage tubes or wear a Pouch at waistline in pants or attach at belt loop

  • High comfort, stylish, discrete under man's shirt

  • Ability to return to active lifestyle

  • Two styles - with shoulder strap or strapless in nude and black, and custom sizes available

  • For any form of breast treatment or surgery

  • Men’s Vests also hold medical drain near their surgery - be discrete! Recover in style!!

The Joe Vest named after my Uncle Joe, who died of Stage IV malignant throat cancer. Sometimes tragedies can bring out inspiration, those that affect you personally and those are very close to you and your family.  My father not only taught me to ‘enjoy life to its fullest' and 'don't put off tomorrow what you can do today’.  I think about that each and every day. My first husband Al used to tell me 'to stop and smell the roses too.'  I try to remember these phrases all the time and, in fact, remind myself by buying fresh flowers whenever I get the chance!  The Joe Vest is a compression vest which provides support all around and holds the medical drains, sold in Nude. The Arrow Vest, a strapless, discrete compression vest, is sold in Black.  Custom sizes are available for both.  Other styles of men's Shapewear are now also available.  Shop MEN'S.

The CRISSCROSS Pouch is universal for medical pouch designed to hold your recovery drains for women and men. The pouch can be worn with a Crisscross Bra or Vest, or separately inside or over garments.  When ready, simply remove the detachable snap loops found on your Bra or Vest and continue to recovery in style!  Medical Pouch will adhere with Velcro strip inside of your shirt, top, jean’s, briefs, leggings, slacks or robe.  Additional Pouches are sold separately, in black or nude. Complimentary Patient Instruction Guide is available to log  your weekly fluids (download from our Inspiration page).

You will feel so comfortable in this entire collection and look very chic and stylish!  A breast cancer Survivor never felt so good. Celebrate life and keep the legacy alive with CRISSCROSS.

My Pain Woke Me Up: BLISS!

My Pain Woke Me Up: BLISS!


I was inspired to document my journey and wrote my first book entitled My Pain Woke Me Up - BLISS!, a survivor's tale about breast cancer, love, life and the pursuit of happiness.  It is a personal survivor story journeying through my life experiences -- first as a young widow, then with challenges of a failing marriage, followed by life as a single mother with two young children, then being diagnosed with breast cancer. Then to top all that, I was laid off from a professional executive career in the corporate world and left with the painful struggle to find the pursuit of happiness thru recovery. 

The trademark CRISSCROSS™ was formed in memory of my late husband, Al, who passed away tragically in my arms at my youthful age of 28. The auto accident that took his life from me occurred during the cross roads of our newly founded marriage.  Many family and friends were also diagnosed with cancer and this is where the product names come from in the CRISSCROSS™ brand as I pay tribute to the memory of these dear loved ones. My motto since treatment has been . . . Don't let cancer get the BREAST of you. 

WITH SPECIAL THANKS to my Advisory Board members and Business Consultants from Beauty, Fashion, Finance, Healthcare, Philanthropy and big Start-up companies. Their insights and tips were invaluable.

With special gratitude to few special members; Daymond John, Shark Branding and Founder of FUBU Apparel. I always knew there were more 'fish in the sea' but Daymond taught me to partner with those who were genuinely interested in doing biz with startups.Thanks Daymond.

Victor Vega, SVP/Wacoal Americas and President/The Underfashion Club for his business strategy and direction.

Roslyn Harte, Intimate Apparel icon and owner/Lances Harte, Inc. for support with my post-op bra design.  

Dr. Tracy Pfeifer, MD, MS, Breast Surgery Revisions for her dedication to take my first proto to her patients and provide invaluable feedback for future design modifications.

Special thanks to my wonderful Mother, who has been so endearing throughout my recovery, design and development since day one.  

This collection has been designed with love and inspiration from the heart and in special memory of dear loved ones who died tragically from cancer. I was driven to persevere, encouraged by family love, which helped me to leap forward to achieve my dreams.  Let memories of those endeared to me live on in CRISSCROSS. I wish ALL survivors the very breast!  Jean


REVOLUTIONARY - Ultra-contemporary designs that transform patients lives Day 1 from OR room thru post-op recovery! 

State-of-the-art one-piece revolutionary designs marry function and form.  Light weight, European micro-fiber fabrics, laser cut edges, CRISSCROSS front closures and racer-backs with adjustable shoulder straps. Highly functional post-op construction holds your drainage tubes conveniently and discretely for either single or bilateral surgeries or alternatively, use a CRISSCROSS Pouch worn inside your apparel (shirt or pants). Design features: extra-fine sculpting and anti-microbial fabrics for comfort and easy care, use of sensitive fibers, dying techniques, high UV protection, moisture wicking and the latest advances in ECO sustainability.  Granted USPTO utility patents that disclose over 20 different product designs, so we've got you covered for all stages during recovery and healing Day 1 leaving the OR to Day 180+ and beyond.  Revolutionary! 

EMERGING TEXTILES -- We utilize cutting edge fabrics that incorporate our understanding of compression micro-fibers,color psychology, and magnets to provide products that are designed to aid circulation, increase energy and promote healing.  

Using leading-edge technologies combined with European micro-fiber and reversible, double-bonded compression fabrics plus convenient low-profile Velcro® offers easy one-piece, slip on convenience for patients.  Threads that works with every thread of your being - Thermo-reactive minerals powered by the human element.  Over 60% of energy we consume is lost to escaping body heat.  One of our performance technology fabrics put your body heat back to work, turning energy normally wasted back into infrared light with our prosthesis pocket Bra.  A revolutionary first-time fabric being introduced with Intimates! Our trending palette incorporates the theory of positivity, evoking the link between mental and physical health with the psychology of color. Fashion forward with CRISSCROSS to evoke good breast health and wellness using emerging textiles!


INTIMATE EXPERIENCE - discreet Intimate Apparel for Men & Women of all stages and phases experiencing post-op Breast Cancer or Breast Surgeries.

Having cancer is an intimate and very personal experience.  I know how much it means to a Patient and Survivor to be able to resume a normal lifestyle quickly after treatment because I am a Survivor who endured numerous post-op procedures and understands. CRISSCROSS was designed for breast patients because we know how physically and emotionally tolling the recovery process can be.  The proper undergarment can make a world of difference to body and state of mind during these post-op procedures.  Fabrics were chosen for improved breast health and wellness with advancements for healing top of mind most importantly.  That's why I feel we are providing an Intimate Experience to all Survivors.  Feel Confident, Look Beautiful or Handsome, inside and out! Our collection enables you to return to your professional and personal lifestyle feeling comfortable, confident and looking great wearing the discreet Intimates by CRISSCROSS. Fabulous!