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CRISSCROSS Intimates - Luxe Intimate Apparel for Women and Men.

Post-surgical undergarments for any Stage or Phase of Breast Surgery. Comfortable, chic and colorful compression undergarments.

Collection: Post-Surgical Bras, Prosthesis Bra, Briefs, Thongs, Leggings, Compression Sleeves, Sleecrets, Pouch, Men's Vests and other Accessories and Inspirational Products.

[Leggings and Prosthesis by Anita and Men’s Shapewear by Leonisa not for resale, consumers only].

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Let's Get Intimate Wearing CRISSCROSS Post-Surgical Bras!

Articles are about Inspiration and Advancements in Breast Health & Wellness.

The CRISSCROSS Intimates Blog page is written by Survivor and Designer, Jean Criss.  Articles are about inspiration and breast health and wellness, product, bras and CRISSCROSS, other brands, ta-tas, advanced technology solutions, and so much more! Also, follow my other industry Columns here.

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Let's Get Intimate Wearing CRISSCROSS Post-Surgical Bras!

Jean Criss

Post-Surgical doesn’t just mean Mastectomy Bras - that’s right, we offer styles with compression, comfort and color in a variety sizes (S-2XL plus custom) no matter what type of post-op breast procedure you’ve had. That’s what CRISSCROSS Intimates sells - luxe products for any stage or phase of post-op breast surgery.

Most recently, we’ve seen a waive in soft, wireless bras or bralettes that provide support just the same. Even this week’s press in the NY Times discusses The Bralette is Back. I started offering a variety of Bralette styles last year and they are popular for many uses.

Yes, of course, wearing a post-surgical bra (days 1-90+) post lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstructive and even augmentative surgery has numerous benefits. But once those drains come out and your incisions heal, a bra that offers comfort yet still provides the necessary support and style may suit you best throughout your recovery.

For your post-recovery days - say 90+ post surgery, you may want to transition into an Active Wear bra that is less invasive and simple in style. Features like a removable snap-off loop which holds your medical drains as we offer with The Nina or Grace Bras, and wear that very same Bra for a few more months after your recovery. We have a variety of solutions to cover all bases.

If you are a sports enthusiast — whether that be yoga, Pilates, bar Pilates, running, jogging or other forms of workouts, support is key. Our comfy Bras and Bralettes offer Active Wear devotee’s a variety of styles and colors. Don’t just think that Bralettes are just for tweens or teens. I love wearing Bralettes most times for everyday comfort and simple style.

Throughout my long four-year breast cancer recovery, I always wanted to wear fashionable undergarments and the offerings were slim to none, and that was only a mere 8 years ago when my surgical journey ended in 2011. Since that time, I innovated stylish undergarments to ‘rock your world’ — contemporary style offerings, colors and features in Bras that I didn’t see on the market. Criss-cross wrap designs eliminating over-head use post-surgery, use of side-closure magnets, padded band, ultra-sleek, breathable, UV-ray micro-fiber rich fabrics, racerback straps for comfort, and other elements. Something I envisioned Breast Cancer Survivors around the world would want to wear. Styles designed and named in memory of loved ones, e.g., The Nina Bra, The Christina Bra, The Joe Vest and more.

Then, I took my vision a few steps beyond that and designed full ensembles so that you could Feel Confident and Look Beautiful or Handsome no matter what type of surgery you had and could feel good about yourself. Bras, Briefs, Thongs, Leggings, Breast Prostheses, Mens, and much, much more! Today, CRISSCROSS Intimates offers over 40 Bras used for a variety of post-surgical purposes and well over 350+ SKUs including a variety of organic soaps, lingerie bags and other necessity items. Products with Inspiration too.

And guess what? We’re not done. We’ve got over 20 utility-patented designs with our approved trademark, other styles yet to be introduced in the market, pending future funding. We’ve been to HOLLYWOOD and back and have received acclaimed reviews with our collection. So shop our line today and let’s get intimate! Wear our sexy, luxe colorful collection and feel awesome! There’s a lot more to come!

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Watch and Follow us on YouTube!

Watch and Follow us on YouTube!

For media or product inquiries, or if you’d like to carry our line as a new dealer or shop the collection, kindly contact Designer & Founder, Jean Criss at For patient bra or vest fittings, also contact Jean, accredited bra-fitter, directly for your breast fit! Wishing you all the Breast! XOxo