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Mother's Day: A Time to Reflect and Cherish

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Mother's Day: A Time to Reflect and Cherish

Jean Criss

As Mother's Day approaches, we gather and make plans with loved ones - our mother, grandmother(s), mother-in-law, children, and other family members and friends.  It's always been a time of celebration and a time to reflect and cherish.


This year I wanted to express special messages of inspiration to ALL mother's and mother's to be.  Make sure you express your feelings of gratitude, love and support towards your Mom if you are lucky to have her in your life.  I know I will. And remembering those who have passed.

As Mother's, we often offer words of Inspiration . . .

COURAGE - Giving birth for the first time takes courage, trust and faith.  We dive into the unknown.  Family and professionals often guide us to unchartered territory.  Our joy pummels and the unknown variables become clearer. We learn to love, to give of ourselves as new Moms.  We tend to put our best foot forward and always put our children first as Moms. It takes courage to be a strong Mom, some call it tough love, especially through the bad or hard times of life's experiences.


REFLECTION - everyone of us needs time to reflect - to sort things out, think things through.  Focusing on what we want and knowing what really matters to us is just as important as taking steps toward our goals.  If we do not allow ourselves time to labor invisibly, we will no be clear about our choices.  We will forge ahead, slightly off course.  And maybe never know where we are or where we're headed. 


RESPECT - Do we respect our children's feelings and moods? Are we atuned to their wants and needs? Do we see our children as extensions of ourselves, or as human beings with rights? When we truly respect our children we know that they are too valuable to possess.  And, through our actions, we illustrate our deep gratitude for their presence.

My mom taught me a woman's mind should be the most beautiful part of her. Treat her and everyone w respect.



INSIGHT - Our Moms tend to provide wisdom and insight 24/7. It may be a generational thing or not, but the depth of knowledge without humility is honorable. We learn from our Mom who is always so insightful.  We listen and absorb her views and put her words into play, our way, with our own style.  Then smile :) and cherish the thoughtful wisdom and insight that inspired you in the first place.


SELF - New mothers are vulnerable targets for criticism, always afraid we might do something wrong. Some offer advice when we don't ask.  Self-confidence plays a critical role to new mother's especially during these trying times. I always learned to "let go".  In one ear and out the other, as they say.  "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today" as parents often say.  You may make excuses in time of uncertainty.  Whatever road you choose, follow your heart and dreams.  In times of conflict, reach within and be true and self-confident to yourself and others.  


LOVE - To the unwed mother's, single mothers, divorced and widowed, know that you are NOT an outcast.  You are loved.  Fortunately, attitudes have changed and we have more freedom to choose as women - to have children, to adopt, to be a single parent or not. Some women are abandoned by their partner leaving no choice but to raise a child alone, subjected to societal disdain. Today Motherhood is given the respect it deserves and marriage is no longer the determining factor.  We have come to realize that "Maternity is a cosmic thing."

"A mother is a mother is a mother.  Married or not, our commitment to our children is still as deep, and our gifts are still as sweet."

Beth Wilson Saavedra


Mother's are the bond to our families. 

Enjoy your precious time with yours.  With love and respect, I wish all Mom's a wonderful Mother's Day! 

All the breast! 


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CRISSCROSS Intimates Offers Special Mother's Day Promotion

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