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Spread Your Wings ~ Butterfly!

Spread Your Wings ~ Butterfly!

I took a #CancerRoadTrip to an enjoyable spot – a place that provides good memories and inspiration, where I can spread my wings. I’ve visited the “UP”, Upper Michigan many times over the years.  As I look back I know that I’ve experienced more tragedy in my life than others at a young age -- from surviving widowhood as a young adult in my late 20s to contentious divorce, many post-op breast cancer surgeries, corporate unemployment, followed by other tragedies and family illness.  Somehow through thick and thin, I have learned how to deal with all this and turn grapefruits into lemonade.  I get up early every day, wake up with a smile on my face and am excited to face the day’s opportunities ahead.  The emergence of my creativity has come from insight, imagination and vision and translates my deepest thoughts and experiences into innovation and invention. 

I tend to look back at my life, especially over Labor Day, after the passing of my beloved first husband and pay homage to those near and dear to me.  I find clarity when I rejuvenate my soul and take a walk back thru the crossroads of my life.  It’s filled with depth and breadth, inspiration and hope to do more.  Life as a corporate executive, mother, entrepreneur, and inventor has given me strength, encouragement and positivity.  This year brings greatness and marks significance with the launch of #CRISSCROSS, my new intimate apparel brand.  I gave a lot of thought into the creation of the brand name over the past several years while my designs, patent and trademark were being approved and published.

Who would have known my life would have taken so many turns since my late twenties?  But as I pay it forward, I never forget.  As I vowed to keep my husband’s memory alive with his last name when he took his last few breaths of air, I am now able to keep it alive in a brand that provides hope and inspiration to many patients and cancer survivors.  The legacy of other family and friends names are also kept alive in the CRISSCROSS product names, dedicated to survivors who have touched my life.

These images are from Harbor Springs, Michigan over this Labor Day 2017 weekend where I enjoy returning from time to time – filled with good memories ~ clarity ~ inspiration ~ and imagination.  Ironically, this is where I used to spend my enjoyable summers sailing with my first husband and then, years later, nearby at Bay Harbor, where I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We let go, spread our wings and fly away like a butterfly. 

If nothing changes, there would be no butterflies.

I saw a lot of butterflies this weekend.


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