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Survivor #CancerRoadTrip - Serendipity!

Survivor #CancerRoadTrip - Serendipity!

Over Labor Day 2017 I plan to travel back in time to a place one would have never envisioned. It was when my life changed that one day after receiving an alarming phone call about my diagnosis with breast cancer while on family vacation in Upper Michigan.  Since July 2007, my life has not been the same. They say 'every story as an end, but in life, every end is just a new beginning.' I have found this to be so true.

Visionary colors bring me creativity - what brings you innovation?

My #CancerRoadTrip over the past ten years has been filled with grief, fulfillment, joy, independence, happiness, vision, colorful creativity, innovation, passion, love and so much more. I found my way and my voice after so many years. Cancer has played a big part but divorce, unemployment from the corporate world and the drive to succeed with two small children has played a big role as I managed so much simultaneously, each and every day, from diagnosis throughout recovery as a single Mom.  Even today with two beautiful teens, I know I've become stronger as a woman, I've learned so much and the road does not stop or end here.

The crossroads of my journey from diagnosis with breast cancer thru recovery is shared in My Pain Woke Me Up: BLISS! and briefly on my Survivor Story page

I don't look back. I look forward. I live for today and the future. I live with zest and resilience. I see and feel future ideas and make them happen. I put ideas into action the way I never would have envisioned.  May be it has to do with becoming more mature in life or just because I am more focused and know what I want to do in life that makes me happy - BLISS!

So for now, today and tomorrow, I rise above it all and strive forward.  I take huge leaps because it's all so SERENDIPTY . . . the knack of making wonderful, unexpected discoveries of things not sought for. Anyway, that's what I wrote about in my first book I penned over 8 - 9 years ago and I made those words come true. Each and every one of them.  I wrote about the pursuit of happiness, how to LIVE Your Dreams and to put ideas into PLAY.  I continue to do all of this and more. So don't be afraid, challenge yourself, conquer your dreams.  Indulge in daydreams with vision, emotion, your deepest thoughts and your wish(es) may come true! Believing in You is THE key to success!  And stop and enjoy some 'chocolate' along the way too!

Love what you do, do what you say, say what you feel! Imagine your dream, create your happiness, live your life - be happy.  BLISS!

Learn more about Jean Criss of CRISSCROSS Intimates by shopping and visiting us at  Jean is CEO of Jean Criss Media, Author of Trilogy Series, Inventor of YouGOMobile (market soon), and passionate about blogging. All the breast, Jean