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Jean Criss, Multimedia Entrepreneur and Author, Launches CRISSCROSS Intimates for Breast Cancer Survivors!

CRISSCROSS Intimates - LUXE Intimate Apparel for Breast Cancer Survivors!

Welcome to, our new e-commerce site of luxury intimate apparel for women and men breast cancer survivors! As a ten (10) year breast cancer survivor this July and on the birthday anniversary of my late Aunt Nina who died of Stage IV malignant breast cancer, I am proud to introduce the first bra, The Nina Bra, and the entire collection of bras and panties, apparel and accessories, men's vests and products and resources of inspiration.

Throughout my post-recovery, market research and discussions with survivors and physicians, I learned a lot about the needs of survivors.  I designed a collection of post-surgical undergarments that not only address every stage and phase of recovery from Day 1 - 180+ but also offer a variety solutions utilizing revolutionary designs, emerging textiles while providing an intimate experience. I hope you'll like the extensive collection filled with rich colors to inspire healthy living and positive breast health and wellness.

If you'd like to carry the line or ask a question of your sister survivor, as an author, designer, and former Susan G. Komen board of trustee, I'm here for you. Thank you for shopping CRISSCROSS Intimates - |

Jean Criss, Founder, Designer & Survivor

Jean Criss, Multimedia Entrepreneur & Author, Launches CRISSCROSS Intimates for Breast Cancer Survivors!

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