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Diagnosis Beyond Mammography

Articles are about Inspiration and Advancements in Breast Health & Wellness.

The CRISSCROSS Intimates Blog page is written by Survivor and Designer, Jean Criss.  Articles are about inspiration and breast health and wellness, product, bras and CRISSCROSS, other brands, ta-tas, advanced technology solutions, and so much more! Also, follow my other industry Columns here.

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Diagnosis Beyond Mammography

Jean Criss

New York, December 13, 2017.  Diagnosis Beyond Mammography, by Author & Columnist, Jean Criss.

As we wind down the year in 2017, we prepare for the new year in 2018 and celebrate family, friends and loved ones.  We may plan ahead by scheduling our annual physical and breast health and wellness visits. 


Strides and advancements in breast care diagnosis, screening with digital mammography, post-operative procedures including reconstructive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, clinical research trials, and so many more advancements have been made.  While there have been diagnosis with blood tests to help determine the risk of Breast Cancer there is now additional advancements that may help avoid biopsy beyond mammography. 

About ten years ago when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I had wondered about other options that may have been available to determine my risk sooner. I had been receiving ultrasound and digital mammography every six months for several years after suspicious cysts appeared. Then, bilateral Breast Cancer ironically appeared very quickly.  I had additional mammography, MRI and underwent numerous surgical biopsies to confirm my diagnosis. 


After diagnosis, I also had the Onco DX Breast Cancer blood test to help identify my risk of reoccurrence and best course for treatment.  I took the BRCA1 &2 genetic blood test to identify if family history could be found in my gene mutation.  It was not.  Today there are over two dozen known gene mutations to help identify Breast Cancer.  And patients have simpler options for screening and diagnosis. So what about diagnosis BEFORE you are informed you have Breast Cancer?

Well, the Color Test became available a few years ago to help determine your gene mutation with a simple swab test of your saliva for $99 per kit. 

For early breast cancer diagnosis and detection there is now a simple blood test that may help determine your risk and help you avoid biopsy. The Videssa Breast  is a new simple blood test that can effectively detect breast cancer when used in conjunction with imaging and can substantially reduce unnecessary medical procedures, as well as provide assurance to women that likely do not have breast cancer.  How remarkable is that?

Advancements in medical breast research have been made along with advanced breast health solutions, clinical trials and more that are available to patients today (Reference Columbia University).  Get screened, diagnosed and know your risks.  For years there were limited tests available to patients.  It's now game-changing.  Many procedures formerly were not covered by health insurance carrier’s and they were costly and are now more affordable to patients. 


 Other blood tests used to help determine your risk of cancers are;

§  CBC – is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.

§  CA 125 – is a blood marker test to determine cancer or tumor markers to detect cancer activity in the body.  This test may also signal ovarian cancer, recurrence, and Breast Cancer recurrence.  It measures the amount of the protein produced in tumor cells

§  CEA – carcinoembryonic antigen is a test to identify the presence of colon, lung and liver cancers. It is used to help diagnose and manage certain types of cancers, especially cancers of the large intestine and rectum. This test can also be used to help determine if a cancer treatment is working.

While there are many known blood tests performed for specific causes and diagnoses, for Breast Cancer diagnosis specifically, speak to your local Breast Surgeon or Physician as you chart your 2018 Breast Health and Wellness visits especially if cancer runs in your family.  You may be a blood test away from a great diagnosis!  Isn’t that wonderful.  BLISS!

Don’t Let Cancer Get the BREAST of You!


To learn more about Jean’s Genes – Jean Criss’ diagnosis and screening story (Ch. 7 BLISS!)

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About Jean Criss – Criss is an Author, Columnist for New Focus Daily, and Blogger and CEO of 3 LLCs, a multi-tasking entrepreneur.  Criss survived bilateral Breast Cancer (DCIS — Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), endured numerous surgeries and is now a 10-year Survivor.  She is the Founder and Designer of – luxury intimate apparel for women and men who undergo post-op surgeries!  As Author of My Pain Woke Me Up Trilogy, titles include – BLISS!, Legal Injustice and LIVE Your Dreams. Her next book is about short reality stories.  BLISS! reveals her journey thru widowhood and cancer.  Criss has received many CME accredited Breast Cancer Management Certifications from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and earned hours of accreditation while attending an annual 2017 Essentially Women Conference. CRISSCROSS Intimates recently awarded 3 ISO Accreditation Certificates by ABAC (American Board of Accreditation Certificates) and Criss received a FABC award, an honorary recognition for the fight against breast cancer. She previously received a Certificate of Honour by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons–Patients of Courage: Triumph over Adversity Award.  Criss served on the Board of Trustees: Susan G. Komen North Jersey Affiliate, produced award-winning PSAs, co-chaired gala events, has been a member of the Komen speaker’s bureau, continues to fundraise. She works with Breast Cancer Research organizations and educational charities to raise awareness for Breast Cancer nationwide.

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