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CRISSCROSS Intimates joins forces with Cancer Care Plus

November 2, 2017, New York City.  CRISSCROSS Intimates joins forces with Cancer Care Plus, for your one-stop shopping needs.  Also known as the new Amazon for Breast Cancer! 

I always dreamed of having one place to buy everything I needed as a new patient about to under-go breast surgery. I ran around to many retail stores pre-surgery(s) with attempts to find the proper compression bras, apparel, scarves and comfortable clothing to meet my anticipated post-surgical needs.  This became one of my goals I had in mind for Survivors when designing the CRISSCROSS Intimates collection. 

So if you don't find everything for your particular post-op situation at CRISSCROSS, you may find a broader one stop-shopping experience at Cancer Care Plus, our new ecommerce distribution partner for CRISSCROSS Intimates. Here's what's online and in store.    

Since 2010, Paula Jagemann launched Someone With, an online resource for patients with cancer. Beginning in 2018, Someone With will be rebranding as Cancer Care Plus.

Cancer Care Plus will be actively supporting the 2500+ certified mastectomy fitters across the U.S. and Canada, with an ecommerce affiliate relationship, marketing and social media opportunities, added benefits for their clients and their loved ones as well as additional business resources. 

Cancer Care Plus introduces new product line, particularly CRISSCROSS Intimates, post-surgical luxury intimate apparel for women and men. β€œWe look forward to our partnership with CRISSCROSS Intimates, serving the community of post-op breast patients and breast cancer survivors”, states Paula Jagemann, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Cancer Care Plus. "We will be offering accredited necessity items for cancer patients who need to prepare for their post-operative surgery from apparel to chemo products, aromatherapy, cosmetics and other pertinent health and beauty products that are safe to use during treatment and beyond." 

β€œWhen a patient is informed they have breast cancer or are in need of any type of breast surgery, they need to prepare quickly.  It’s imperative that one-stop shopping for post-operative products can be made and turned around quickly, within 24-48 hours preferrably, since patients are often given a very short window to plan before their scheduled surgery.  By partnering with Cancer Care Plus, we are excited to distribute CRISSCROSS Intimates to the world of survivors in need of our apparel and who don't have a great amount of time to plan to shop let alone prepare their families pre-surgery. In partnership, we hope to provide a peaceful state of mind for cancer patients and to help eliminate undue stress about pre-surgical shopping needs, when patients should be thinking about their personal breast health and wellness and recovery, most importantly," states Jean Criss, CEO & Founder, CRISSCROSS Intimates, LLC.

For media or product inquiries, shop or contact us at  Our distribution partnership will be in place before the end of the calendar year with Cancer Care Plus and media inquiries can be directed to