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#GIRLSBELONGHERE. . . Because I Am A Girl

As I attended the 'Because I am a Girl' event last evening in New York and listened to a panel of professionals from all walks of life, what was most compelling was their 'voice'! October 11, 2017 marked the third annual International Day of The Girl by Plan International, held at the United Nations with female colleagues from the surrounding New York metro area. 

The discussion was compelling and spot on! Here are a few panel discussion takeaways. . . 

  • I Love Power! - Dr. Susan Roberts, Head Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Love is Better When You Give It Away - Dr. Nieca Goldberg,, Cardiologist, Women's Health Pioneer
  • What Took You So Long! - Leighann Lord, Stand-Up Comedian, Author, Keynote Speaker at Startalk Radio
  • Pursue a Brand New Career Out of Nowhere - Samantha Davis, Chef, Former Oncology Researcher
  • Stop man-explaining! - Rochelle "Rocky" Jones, First female Battalion Chief in NYC Fire Department
  • Fueled by Rage, Humor and Happiness, Tempered by Hope - unknown
  • Success Doesn't Come To You, Go Get It! - unknown
  • Gender Inequality can be Gender Change - Ronnie Eldridge, Moderator and Pioneer Women's  Right Activist

Words of Action: 'Be Passionate, inspired, confident, independent, persistent, an advocate, powerful, a mentor, leader, and more.'

And a few phrases to leave you with. . . 'Walk your path, Advocacy can help get you into places, Sisterhood is powerful, Don't let other's negativity bring you down, Don't stop in your tracks - keep movin'! and more.'

So ask yourself, have you found your voice? Actions speak louder than words - So Act! 

As a female entrepreneur, I feel that I finally found my voice years ago after experiencing many things from sexual harassment in the workplace, an abusive marriage and contentious divorce, enduring breast cancer and multiple post-op surgeries, becoming a women owned small business entrepreneur, an author, blogger and columnist, to being a victim of sexual assault (roofies date rape), and so on.  Today, I hope my actions speak louder than words. I am a supporter of 'Because I am a Girl' Plan International organization and encourage others to get involved.  I also encourage women to speak up. Over the years as we continue to hear about circumstances when men think they can dominate the workplace or violate a women's rights, find your voice.  Speak up, speak out! Those are the loudest words I can share with my readers. I have found mine and I encourage you to find yours.

Here are a few inspirational images that capture my voice. For media inquiries, please contact or All the breast, Jean